We have lately seen that a lot of old fashion is coming back as new. Take up the bell bottoms or the boot cut and even women crocs, for that matter. The main purpose of womens crocs was to give comfort and a funky style to the feet. So womens crocs are back in the market, with a better variety and patterns this time.

On the other hand, the monsoon has also begun already. I personally hate being all sticky the entire day or letting the water seep into my footwear. So to avoid this, I put on women’s crocs, and I’m set to step out of my house with airy feet and comfort plus style.

It’s Crocs season! Whether you love wearing a couple of nice crocs for planting or for oceanside outings, you can have an ideal scenario with crocs. Additionally, you can get adorable and comfortable matches for your entire family.

Women crocs are imagined as big footwear that seemingly may not suit everyone but worry not. We have the 7 different kinds of women crocs currently being sold in the market.

One out of the 7 or even more might suit your feet and get you ready for a funkier yet comfy style this monsoon!

1- Croc Slippers

Yes. You heard it right. Though it might sound a little odd, the women crocs in the pattern of slippers provide utmost comfort after you put them on. Croc slippers are made of rubber and are water-friendly so that you can wear them in monsoon very easily and comfortably. Metro Shoes, one of my favourites, do sell this in their online store, and it comes in various colours too!

2- Printed Crocs

Prints have been into fashion lately. Then either on fabrics or on footwear, they’re in trend. Printed crocs for women are another trend in online stores recently. They come in various prints like flowers or pandas and much more.

3- Croc Slip Ons

Slip-ons or sliders are another pair of footwear you must have as they’re easy to wear, remove, and take care of. Crocs as Slip ons are recently on the market. So you can have one to yourself and just relax by wearing them out or in!

4- Pink Double-belt Slip-on

Pink footwear seems too much to have, but we all desire to have one for us. When bought in pink, one can only wear heels on specific outfits. Flats in the pink colour are very rare to find. But, a pink double-belt Slip ons that has not simple two belts, but cross belts can be a pair in pink footwear that you can have. As a woman, pink is stereotyped to us. But I say it’s good. We’ve got the prettiest colour assigned to us, and having these pink slips is a great pair of chappals!

5- Ballerina Crocs

Though ballerinas seem to be a delicate pair of footwear, ballerina crocs are a sturdier pair. They make your feet look pretty and protect them from dust and dirty water in monsoon. In addition, the ballerina crocs have an opening in the back to give your feet a feeling of the air. Finally, wear them with socks to avoid rashes if you have sensitive skin.

6- Croc Sandals

The comfiest pair of crocs will be, hands down, the sandals. With the velcro that helps you adjust any pair of sandals to your feet and provides superb support to a stylish minimal print on the belts, croc sandals for women are another footwear you can try on for monsoon. The sandals, because of their firm grip, will avoid any imbalance that might cause you due to slippery roads. Having these sandals in your closet is a must.


7- Crocs slides/heels

Yes. Heels. A 2-inch heel has been on the rise in croc material recently. When comfort meets style – croc heels are found, and they make your feet look beautiful; they also suit any outfit you wear and are easy to maintain too!

Thus, as mentioned above, these 7 types of women crocs are in trend, and you should have them in your footwear collection of comfort!

Gavinn Lem