The combination of Jewellery and occasions are very much common and normal thing. During any kind of celebration moment such as any types of occasions, festivals, wedding, formal party etc. people tend to show themselves’ attractive, loving, smart with their presence of attire along with sophisticated personality and all. Apart from the clothing stuffs there are some kind of jewellery and ornaments are included which generally increase the level of your total outfit and dressings.

Wearing rings is a very much common thing among our general cultures. And this particular ornament is used as an indication of certain occasions. Unlike other jewellery, the rings are only used to showcase your love in front of your loved ones. Most of the cases the rings are used in the purposes of marriage engagements and proposals. That’s why this ornament is known as the symbol of and signature of love.

Types of engagement rings that you can find in London:-

London is notified as the biggest and the loveliest destination for its iconic sights and visiting places. Alongside the undeniable fashion culture of London is also a thing for which this place is famous in the world. Every form of styles start from traditional to modern, the creative style designers of London have relished this chapter of fashion with the touch of eternal beauty to accommodate the inner image of your personality and choices.

You can consider the designers of London as the creator of the core beauty of jewel. Their love, passion, and dedication reflect from their creations. Every ring glosses with the glamour of its unique design, shape and structure of the rings describe the love patch of the two hearts.

Engagement Rings from Hatton Garden:-

If you are interested to buy an engagement ring London, the first thing that will hit you mind is none other than the Hatton Garden. This place is one of the best designing jewellery markets in the world. You can consider this place as the home ground of top skilled designers. The Hatton Garden is the biggest centre of Diamond trade in United Kingdom and main jewellery quarter of London since 19th century. It is undoubtedly the best place to buy to buy engagement rings, diamonds and any other jewellery and all. But if you want to have little discounts then you should go for online shopping as they offer some great deals and discounts.

5 tips for Engagement ring shopping:-

  1. The prices that you see in the store are generally varies among different outlets and it is nothing but a thing which is competitive and subject to vary.
  2. Do choose your jewellery with your personal touch or you can take guidance from experienced buyers if you are shopping these kinds of jewelleries for the first time.
  3. The clarity and the shining efficiency is the key to have the clearance of a perfect diamond.
  4. Choose that kind of material for you engagement ring which could assure you a long run of durability.
  5. Do notify the differences present in the cuts and shapes of your jewellery.

Which hand you will choose for your engagement ring?

Actually this thing varies upon traditions. While going for your engagement you have to make sure- what is the traditional culture your family and society.

Firstly, Christianity is the largest religion all over the world and it was counted that almost 31.2% of world’s total population is Christian. Now mostly this engagement ring culture is popular among their tradition and custom. In their cases it is clarified about the wearing of engagement ring in which hand. According to them the left hand ring finger is allotted for the engagement ring purpose while right hand is for marriage ring.

Alongside the Protestants, the largest Christian dominations also follow the ancient rules and regulations of the Christian religion. This orthodox community of 560 million believers tends to follow the tradition and dogma associated with their religion’s respective custom. For them the answer of the question-“engagement ring which handis also same as the Christians.

Lastly, Islam, the 2nd largest religion all over the world, with approximate 1.8 billion followers. The Koran says that gold and silk, these two materials are reserved for women. On the other hand men are allowed to wear precious materials like platinum etc. In their case, you have to wear your wedding ring in your right hand’s ring finger whereas, woman may not wear this type of ornaments and all unless they are not attached with such superstitions.

Gavinn Lem