True style icons never miss an opportunity to show off fresh fashion—even while trekking through mucky fields—instead they embrace any occasion to parade great threads. As such, we were expecting a profusion of admirable style at last weekend’s Glastonbury Festival and the attendees (celebrity and otherwise) didn’t disappoint us with their spirited and spot-on outfits. While we’re personally a bit depressed that we didn’t get to watch Kings of Leon, Jay-Z, and The Teenagers play to the damp crowds, we do take some sort of odd comfort in the knowledge that all of our favorite British muses were in attendance and in high style.

Glastonbury offers a climate counterpoint to Coachella’s notorious heat, meaning some sort of rainfall traditionally beleaguers the festival, so most people opt for a uniform of dark-hued clothes and Hunter Wellies ($145). Fortunately, the similarities ended there, as our spotlighted attendees distinguished themselves with unique accessories, like an orange headscarf for Pixie Geldof or a daisy-detailed headband for Lily Cole along with Gucci sunglasses. The flame-haired model also put a spin on her look by turning her Katharine Hamnett Slogan Shirt ($80) inside out and adding a maroon armband.

The ultimate fashion individualist—Kate Moss—shined in both a metaphorical and literal sense. Dressed in a shimmery silver top and a slim cropped pair of Siwy’s Hannah Jeans ($206) in Rain, Moss looked effortlessly rock n’ roll and reinforced our opinion that she can wear no wrong. Other outfits we enjoyed include Geldof’s lightweight cardigan/body-conscious short dress combo and Daisy Lowe’s retro Jawstee paired with skin-tight shiny leggings. Lowe’s style is easy to emulate, just grab a pair of Kova & T’s Oxy Leggings ($129) and a Denim Washed Jaws t-shirt ($20).

Saving the best for last, we shall turn our attention to Alexa Chung—one of the best-dressed ladies at the festival. Chung nailed the playful-meets-edgy backstage look with her simple, but effective, outfit. She tucked Gap’s striped Shoulder-Placket Sweater ($38) into a pair of vintage jean shorts and threw on a punky Belstaff jacket as outerwear. In sync with her pal Geldof’s choice of over-the-knee black stockings, Chung opted for a similarly wooly pair and completed her outfit with a long strap saddlebag and Lacoste hat. We hope these looks will inspire you when dressing for Chicago’s Lollapalooza, New Jersey’s All Points West, or whichever music festival destination awaits you!

Gavinn Lem