Weaning a dress in red or any bold color is a strong fashion statement. You can’t just get into any room wearing it without considering first the entire ensemble. How well you wear it depends on your level of preparedness. Some things look great on some people, but not on others. This is why you need to have an open mind, especially when you wear a red dress.

Choosing the dress

It is given you have to choose a dress whose cut matches your body shape. If you are tall, a long dress will also look great on you. A shirt dress is great for someone short as well. A V-neck style will always be flattering so you might want to give it a try. Always go for a style that makes you feel confident. Any dress that makes you feel comfortable will be a perfect option for you.

Accessorize moderately

Be bold and accessorize to highlight any features that suit the dress well. White accessories are a great match for a red outfit. This can be a pair of pearl earrings or a white scarf around your neck. Make sure that your makeup is light and choose the more natural look. Don’t forget to wear lipstick. Choose a shade of red that will complement your red ensemble. The red outfit is already a bold statement so you don’t have to highlight other features. This is why you have to make sure your makeup is kept at a minimum. One thing to remember is to match the color of the dress and your shoes.

Always pick the dress that suits your skin tone

Choose the red dress that matches your skin tone. If you have a fair skin complexion for example you may choose Venetian to burgundy red for your dress. For the medium skin tone, it is best to go for a rich and classical red color. For those who have dark skin tones, warm undertones will look great on you.

Consider your level of comfort

Choose the dress style that you are comfortable in. This can be an off-shoulder thing or one with a flare design. This can be a long-sleeved midi or an A-line skirt. If you are wearing something you are comfortable in, this is definitely a road to sure success. If you like to don a more classic look, show more legs or shoulders. A modern look requires a material or cut that stands out. But always think about how and where this can be worn.

Colors That Match Red

Red and blue will always be a classy combo when you are careful to wear them. You may opt for a blue striped sweater as a top and red pants for the bottom. When done in style, red and black can be chic.

Gavinn Lem