You put a lot of time and effort into planning the perfect outfit for a big event, but have you made sure to spend time thinking about your perfect accent pieces and accessories? If you are in need of adding a little pop to any outfit, we have you covered with this guide to picking the perfect statement socks for any attire or event.

Say No to White Socks

There is a time and place for your white socks, and they excel in these situations. However, when it comes to making a statement as part of an outfit, white socks do not belong. Plain and simple.

Warring Patterns

Make sure that the socks you pick do not consist of a pattern that will clash with the material or the pattern of something else that you are already planning on wearing. As an example: Avoid colorfully patterned socks if you are planning on wearing a suit or dress that has stripes or plaid.

Muted Suit, Loud Socks

If you are wearing a light gray suit – a classic look – you can spice things up by adding some loud, colorful socks for the perfectly vibrant accent piece. This contrast of color and tones is the perfect playful look that makes an outfit pop.

Match Accessories and Socks

One of the best things you can do to perfectly tie together an outfit is make sure that your socks are included when you plan your accessories. Matching your socks to your accessories (whether it is a pocket square or a tie, etc.) adds a level of symmetry to your outfit that will make you look fantastic with next to no effort. Another option when it comes to matching your socks to accessories is to match your socks to the colors your date will be wearing.

This post was written by Matt Conklin, owner and sock aficionado at Lucid Socks. Lucid Socks is the best monthly sock club subscription. Lucid Socks’ sock of the month club features a random hand picked pair of socks from one of our many categories of unique and humorous socks.

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