Because they signify a significant change in their life, wedding dresses are the main focus of any celebration. Brides and grooms care a great deal about how they appear on their wedding day right from head to toe and from the outfit to buy shoes for brides. While the groom’s attire generally follows the same patterns and designs, bridal wear undergoes a number of seasonal modifications along with the accessories as well as shoes for brides.

Glitter and glitz abound at the extravagant Indian wedding. It’s possible that you have found the ideal wedding dress and are now prepared in it. Having the right accessories to match your outfit can, however, further enhancing it, could help make headway with glamour for example, choosing the right shoes for brides.

Brides of this generation are up to trying new things that can make their wedding dress look unique. They experiment with striking patterns out of-the box designs, and amazing combinations. Wedding dress originators fastidiously work to make exceptional wedding dresses for their clients.

Accessories add a lot of bling to your outfit and take your bridal look to a whole new level, whether you want to go bold or play it down. From your head to your toes, there is a whole world of bridal jewelry and accessories. Let us see 5 ways that can level up your bridal look from outfit to shoes for brides!

  • Henna is a Must

In Indian culture, a bride’s wedding day involves applying henna. Henna is a detailed and intricate pattern of swirls and designs applied the day before the wedding to represent joy, beauty, and spiritual awakening. Henna is an ink that dries and peels off to leave a brown stain on the skin, usually on the hands and feet. It is said that the bride and her mother-in-law, as well as the groom, will bond more strongly if the stain is darker.

  • Go for the Ivory Outfit

We’ve noticed a lot of bridal lehengas and sarees in a single shade of ivory recently. And it’s clear that it not only looks elegant but also brings out the bride’s essence in a truly unique way. Every time you look at it, the combination of ivory and gold also makes you feel pretty calm.

  • Use Matha Pattis and Maang Tika

The one-tier simple mattha pattis is an elegant choice for brides who want to keep things simple. The nawabi-style half mattha patti, which is worn sideways to create a fabulous appearance, is another popular style. Consider the heaviness of the maang tikkas and check whether you can steal it away prior to putting resources into one.

  • Dark Green is the new bridal color

Dark green, one of the most recent additions to the color palette for wedding dresses, has quickly caught our attention. Particularly recently, bridal sarees in dark green have been the center of attention.

Therefore, if you are someone who is willing to embrace new trends in your wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and wedding gowns, try wearing these colors.


  • Shoes for Brides

In addition to anklets, shoes for brides are an essential accessory. Obviously, you won’t need one for the majority of the rituals because you’ll have to perform them barefoot. However, you absolutely need to wear shoes for brides that are easy on the feet during your reception.

Instead of pencil heels, choose wedges or flats because comfort is the most important factor here. Selecting shoes for brides that work well with your outfit is a smart move.

Uplift your bridal look with the above 5 tips!

Gavinn Lem