Dry cleaning is a fine art. When you have a stain on your prized jacket, whether you’ve worn it once or many times, it’s important to take it to a cleaning service that does the job. But when it comes to dry cleaning, it’s more than just throwing a piece of item in a laundry basket and hoping for the best. If you’ve got your prized suede jacket or that bejewelled ballgown that needs an extra light touch, this is where we can help.

Dry cleaning requires state-of-the-art equipment to operate and finish the item to your standard while also removing stains that have long been part of your prize piece of clothing. We know that while dry cleaning is a job that needs to be done by the specialists, which is why our specialist dry cleaning services in Newcastle will help even the fussiest of customers feel that their clothing is in good hands.

The Best Dry Cleaning Services for Your Needs

Whether you are looking to remove a stain from an everyday item like a skirt or you need a specialised service for something very delicate like your special silk scarf, designer dress, or your wedding dress from your big day, we provide meticulous and detailed services that will guarantee you get what you demand from us. We understand that finding dry cleaning services in Newcastle that deliver what they promise isn’t always possible. But we provide a wide-ranging service that has a little bit of our magic touch. Our highly qualified specialists can get to work on whatever you need and as quickly as possible, guaranteeing you are ready for the ball, that job interview, or just want to wear your jacket without unsightly stains!

Our Services

We don’t just provide basic dry cleaning, we work hard to deliver all facets of the dry cleaning experience. We provide specialist dry cleaning for items such as designer labels or vintage clothing, as well as cleaning and reproofing ski wear, fixing up embellished evening dresses or ball gowns, as well as dry cleaning that expensive rug all fall under our speciality. And of course, if you need your wedding dress cleaned, we can do that too! When you need your wedding dress fixed quickly for the big day or you want to hang it up, there is nothing more upsetting than seeing an unsightly stain on your perfect dress. But, rest assured, wedding dresses are our speciality, and we can get to work to get the dress back to its perfect state.

We Provide a High-Quality Service

When you are looking for dry cleaning services in Newcastle, there are many around, so what makes us different? We focus on the principle of excellence. Started in 1998 by Nav Dulai who specialised in wedding dress cleaning, the overriding principle doesn’t just consist of getting a wedding dress as perfect as possible, but it translates into every other aspect of dry cleaning.

A specialised service isn’t just something for wedding dresses, but it is for a piece of clothing that is so important to you that it needs to be perfect. When something is so precious to you, you can’t just scrub a stain with a sponge; you need a delicate pair of hands that provides finesse to ensure that stain isn’t just lifted, but so the entire outfit can breathe again.

When you need a dry cleaning service, we can provide care and attention to your perfect piece of clothing. From trousers to jeans and the almighty wedding dress, we know how perfect a piece of clothing can be to you if you look after it properly. And having your favourite designer shirts stained is particularly upsetting. But when we get to work on your clothing, we guarantee we will handle it delicately and give you the service and attention you need. Because after all, your perfect dress or jacket is an extension of who you are. And when we wear something to death, that’s because we love it so much. But there comes a point when the perfect jacket or dress needs to go to the dry cleaners. But rest assured, we will give your clothes proper care and attention.

Going to a dry cleaner can be the last port of call for many people who finally need their treasured items cleaned. There is never any need to worry because here at Dulais Dry Cleaning, we focus on giving your clothes the care it needs, not just so that stain is removed but your most treasured piece of clothing feels just like new.

Gavinn Lem