The stairlift enables people with mobility issues to ascend and descend the stairs safely and whether you have a temporary or permanent need for a stairlift, there are solutions in the form of mobility aid suppliers.

How does a stairlift work?

Basically, an electric motor drives a belt that raises or lowers the seated person and the unit would be fitted to the staircase by a team of experts. If you take a look at one of the new stairlifts in Evesham, you see that they are easy to operate and safety is a priority. You don’t need any help to use the system, which means you retain your independence and don’t inconvenience any family members.

Buy or rent

If you only need a stairlift while you recover from an injury or operation, you can rent a unit for as long as you wish and when the rental period is up and you no longer need it, a team of engineers will remove the system. If you would rather buy, you can choose new or second-hand and the supplier offers round-the-clock support, of course.

Tailored to fit

There are no off-the-shelf solutions with stairlifts, rather the unit comprises of many shaped and straight sections, allowing the technician to create a stairlift that fits the staircase perfectly. Once installed, the technician would walk you through the operating process, which is straightforward and should you ever have any issues, the supplier will pay you a visit and resolve the problem.

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Gavinn Lem