Embroidered patches are all the rage these days, and they come in all shapes, patterns and sizes. People these days are going for customized embroidered patches to make a statement in a crowd. Many startups and businesses are also opting for customized embroidered patches for creating their own identity with similar patches sewn onto their uniforms.

You can get embroidered patches for your denim, jackets, duffle bags, ads, flags, caps, uniforms and a lot more. You can choose your backing type as well as the fabric while going for the customized patches.

How are embroidered patches custom-made?

Computerized embroidery machines are used to make custom embroidery patches. You need to send your artwork to the company which is going to make the patch for you and then, the designers digitize your design. This is done by recreating your artwork with the help of software like Wilcom, and then, it is sent to embroidery machines through data cable or USB. After reading the file, the machine begins recreating the design on the fabric.

What are the fabrics used?

Most of the premium companies that embroider patches use Chinese threads of high quality for making the patches more affordable for the customers. You can even go for more expensive threads like Madeira on request. This thread works the best for firefighter patches and patches that get exposed to fire or other extreme temperatures.

When it comes to fabric, polyester twill fabric is mostly used by well-known brands. Apart from that, leather, canvas, nylon, felt, and faux leather is also used on request.

Customized embroidery patches add so much quirk and character to whatever you sew them on. They are never going out of style, and you need to get your hands on custom embroidered patches as soon as you can.

Gavinn Lem