Until recently, having a straight razor was a dying art, but now back in trend. Till the mid-1960s, the double edge razor was treasured and passed on next generation by their fathers as a symbol of attaining manhood. Now a day due to aggressive, brilliant marketing, people are more inclined to economical, disposable cartridge blades. Hence the luxury of shaving with a straight razor has diminished. These innovative shaving products are many ways responsible for the increasing number of dermatitis ailments. Electric razors and multiple-blade razors damage the skin like never before, but cosmopolitan society ignores the issue and opts for speeding up the shaving process equated with convenience.

It May appear to be a costly 

Fortunately, the male rite of shaving with a safety razor has made a dazzling comeback across men of all sects, ages, ethnicity, and backgrounds. The sleek, smart-looking razors are emerging as no one can imagine. These modern machines give clean, perfect shaves time and again, year after year. There are numerous benefits associated with a safety razor and more grounds for selecting this traditional skilled fashion of shaving. At first glance, it may appear to be a costly affair compared to a cheap plastic five-blade cartridge, but it is an economical, effective solution for men in the long run.

Economical and eco friendly

Safety razors are economical and eco-friendly, as the single blade is made of metal strip, it can be easily recycled, unlike modern cartridges made from plastic and metal combined. Secondly, you use three times fewer blades while using a razor compared to its contemporary counterpart. Despite electric cartridge razor abundance, double edge safety razors are the best available option for a close, perfect shave. The design of modern multi-blade razors is inspired by convenience. The blades enclosed in the cartridge are positioned to progressively extend toward the beard, unlike the swift movement of a traditional razor.

Increase ingrown hair possibility 

These cartridges stretch the skin through rubberized microfins; subsequently, the raised hair is sliced off at a tip just below the epidermis. This overenthusiastic proximity causes many skin issues. When hair is cut at this point, there is a tendency for the sliced hair to grow painfully into the upper layer of the epidermis. Once hair follicles start this process, the probability of ingrown hairs increases, with other symptoms like razor burn and bumps. These issues can be easily eliminated if you use a standard safety razor. This old tool provides consistent shaves and will leave your skin in superb condition as the safety razor cuts hair superficially without slicing it from the hair follicle.

A young, clean look 

Some men keep beards to prove their masculinity at the cost of their n comfort and convenience. Facial hair does not prove maleness; more attributes are required to be a gentleman. More qualities are essential than growing a beard to be a man, and many women will testify it. There is no point in holding on to facial hair when y can eradicate it effortlessly with a heavy duty safety razorAn unkempt beard causes many skin problems, leading to dehydrated, itchy skin. Instead, with a clean shave face, you look much younger, bright with glowing smooth skin.

Gavinn Lem