Formal attire is a must in professional jobs. A suit, shoes, and a tie are everyday uniforms. But what attracts the look most is the official-looking watch on the wrist.

Effect Of Watches
Wrist-watches, mechanical or digital, are adornments with design. They often complete the need for extra jewelry. Designer women’s watches also improve the look on a dress or an evening gown.
As much as the watches improve the person’s look, they are capable of beautifying the wall or a cabinet. Wall clocks and table clocks are some of the best suited decorative items.
Over time the design and their types have tremendously changed. Earlier, people used to carry pocket watches with chains. Wall clocks were also preceded by the standing wardrobe clocks or the cuckoo clocks. They were best suited in spacious rooms and offices and are still used to get a vintage or a retro look.

Recent Developments
The evolution of watches was not a phenomenal change, but there was always continuous progress and development. Major markets like watches Singapore, Canada, or India have seen a significant change in the choice and the sale of the watches over centuries.

As the saga continues, the new generation has replaced many mechanical watches with digital ones. Fashion is progressing so are the brands to keep pace with the trend.

Gavinn Lem